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We just wanted to take a quick moment to reflect on a year in flux.

Let’s be honest… 2016 has been brutal. While it's easy to close our eyes and declare a state of indifference, we believe this is an opportunity to voice solidarity. We have been so inspired watching our generation fight, with no absence of passion, for what it believes in and sticking up for each other in some very nasty circumstances.

Ours is a generation of inclusiveness, empathy, creativity, and hope. We choose to stand in solidarity and celebrate all of the things that make us individuals. We choose to love, at a maximum, our family, friends and the world around us.

We choose to be inquisitive of worlds different from our own, challenging prejudices and discovering commonalities. We choose to listen with an open mind to our neighbors who may not share our same beliefs and dreams. We choose to stand up to fear, divisiveness and lies with truth, optimism and ferocious energy.

We just wanted to remind you that we love and appreciate all of you. We love everyone that wears our clothes loud and proud. We love those of you that think it’s too expensive. We love those of you that don’t like our clothes at all (not as much as the others listed tho).

I guess our point is... There is no UNIF without U.



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