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YANG2020 Humanity First! It's time to take back the system that has been perverting and distorting the incentives of huge corporations and make it work for us.  

Let's dissolve the idea of scarcity that the government has led us to believe and welcome a new path forward as technology threatens the jobs of 1 of 3 Americans. 
The accumulation of wealth needs to overflow into this country not by having the government gate-keep the wealth but by inserting the flow directly into the hands of the people.  The power to better our lives should lay in our own hands. Vote $1000/month to every American adult age 18 until the day you die to stop the downward spiral of growing income inequality, poverty, unemployment, and hopelessness. Together we can create a healthier society and a virtuous cycle of wealth.

Unisex sizing. 100% Cotton. Made in USA
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